Space Disorder on iOS!


A game I worked on a few months ago by the name of “Space Disorder” has finally released for iOS devices!

Developed by the talented team at Mi-Clos studio, Space Disorder features randomly generated levels with a variety of entertaining power-ups to help you progress! From the blurb:

Play as Noah, the game’s fearless hero. Equip your jetpack, enter the robots’ spaceship and free your sweetheart, Zanita, along with all of those poor, armless aliens. Along the way, please them with the many gifts you’ll find during your missions. However, success won’t come easy. As you progress, you’ll need to solve a slew of puzzles using grenades, laser rays and inverted gravity! Avoid the robots’ traps and find as many keys as you can to unlock the cages holding the alien prisoners!

Check it out here!

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